Route 3


"Fictions and literary myths"


Thanks to literature new paths open up before us: these are the paths inspired by actual places, but created as part of the myths that take shape in writers’ imaginations. On this walk we travel to parts of the areas of Raiguer and Tramuntana, but the texts help us soar far above. We discover non-existent place names like Bearn or Solnegre, which help us to understand better the Majorca portrayed in the works of two outstanding novelists: Llorenç Villalonga and Baltasar Porcel, who like two sides of a coin link their lives together and describe the many details of Majorcan society in their prose. It is also the walk of legends, of folk tales that take us from the wonder of the l’Avenc de Son Pou to where the ill-fated soul of the Comte Mal took root, in Galatzó...