Route 4


"My mountains, my joy, my light!"


While in Barcelona Bartomeu Rosselló-Pòrcel was homesick for his native Majorca: he remembered it anxiously, he invoked its outline and its unique light. And he yearned for one of the landscapes in Majorca most painted and sketched by both artists and writers: the Serra de Tramuntana. The walk takes us from Pollença and Formentor. where Costa i Llobera’s immortal ode to the great pine echoes all around, to that exquisite Sóller with its citrus scent and surreal images. We go down to Campanet’s square, a childhood arena; we follow the lines of olive trees to Caimari; we delve into a natural monument that seems from outer space, el Torrent de Pareis; and we end with a pleasing scene, a traveller’s well-deserved rest: coffee in hand, facing the bay of Port de Sóller, talking with Josep Pla...